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17 May 2012
It is well known that the cost of the air conditioning system installation is about 50-80% of the cost of the split system. In addition, the installation of a split systems is difficult in such areas as the basement, attic, hall or cottage. In this case, a good solution would be a mobile air conditioner Timberk Atom.
Mobile Air Conditioning Timberk Atom does not require complicated installation of a split system. The entire installation is performed by the output duct (corrugated hose up to 2 m) in a window or door. Outdoor unit does not have a mobile air conditioner, and all elements are in one case. In addition, the air conditioner is equipped with rollers, which allow you to easily move it from one room to another, from living room to the kitchen.
Mobile Air Conditioning Timberk Atom is also easy to transport. Thanks to its ultra-small size (30 cm in width and 62 cm in height) will not be difficult to move air conditioner from the apartment to the cottage.

A distinctive feature of the mobile air conditioner Timberk Atom is a reversible design of the housing 2-Way Reverse, allows to rearrange the duct from left to right, depending on the need for heating or cooling the room.
Mobile Air Conditioning Timberk Atom intervene in a four functions - cooling, heating, ventilation and drainage. It should be noted that the air conditioner can operate as a full dryer with a capacity of 70 liters. per day. Water (moisture), which in a split-system displayed on the street and often becomes a roadblock, a mobile air conditioner automatically Timberk evaporated and discharged through the duct. There is also a function of the condensate with an additional drainage, if the level of humidity is very high.
With a wide number of power ratings, a mobile air conditioner can cool Timberk Atom rooms up to 40 sq.m. Two motor fans (2 Motor Drive Technology) air conditioner 2 times faster hot or freezing room. At the same time providing a low power consumption, due to the highest energy efficiency class AB, compared with other counterparts in the market.
In operation, a mobile air conditioner Timberk Atom uses environmentally friendly Freon (refrigerant R410). Provides a hidden storage compartment for the duct, which allows compact storage device with a hose.
Electronically controlled models Timberk Atom have required temperature indicator, timer, night Sleep mode.
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