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Underfloor heating means warm house

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27 July 2012

The new Uponor individual radio room control with Dynamic Energy Management (DEM) and its revolutionary technology is the latest innovation for underfloor heating and cooling.
We are now offering a brilliant innovation to all those who want to save even more with their radiant heating and cooling system.

Uponor DEM requires no manual hydraulic balancing of the radiant heating system at the manifold. We have also added several new control features. The result is a unique new product which installers, specifiers and home owners alike can benefit from in a variety of ways, in new construction as well as renovation and restoration.

And best of all - compared to other renovation activities such as building insulation, complete refurbishment or adding a solar energy hot water boiler, investing in an Uponor radio control system for individual room temperature control with Dynamic Energy Management means that you can expect to amortize your costs up to three times quicker!

With the revolutionary DEM technology you can save up to 12% in energy costs due to the higher efficiency. That has been confirmed in technical tests at the Technical University of Dresden/Germany.

Uponor control centre for supply temperature

Individual room temperature control can only be reliably guaranteed if the required hot or cold water temperatures are available at all times. The Uponor supply temperature control with new C-46 heating/cooling controller takes care of this by sensing atmospheric conditions. Equipped with a variety of features it is the perfect supply temperature controller! Uponor supply temperature control offers a solution to suit every application - for heating, cooling or keeping outdoor areas free of snow and ice. Choose between individual  components, or a complete central control station ready to plug-and-play, or a control station on every floor integrating perfectly into the manifold cabinet.

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