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«Warm installation» saves the heat

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22 December 2011
Significant increases in the price of electric power as well as thermal energy, coupled with previous long and cold winters, have resulted in the focus of attention being turned to the insulating of houses along with the prevention of heat loss. When taking thermographic photographs of completed houses during winter, we see there is significant thermal loss from around the windows, and the investments made in the acquisition of high quality windows were in vain due to the incorrect installation of the windows.
Soudal Window System (in short "SWS") is a professional system for airtight installation of windows and doors. SWS exists of a range of professional products to assure a perfectly insulated window- and doorinstallation.
Polyurethane installation foam is typically used for filling the assembly joints between the window assembly and wall elements, providing insufficient protection from the humidity being filtered from the building, as well as water and humidity from the external environment, ending up in the joint. During the assembly of windows the Soudal Window System should be used, in which special strips are used during window assembly, the purpose of which is to prevent the entry of humidity into the foam layer. The external strip, Folienband Outside, allows water vapour through and the interior strip, Folienband Inside, prevents the escape of vapour. Strips have excellent adhesiveness with all types of window frames, since they self-adhering, being covered on one side by a butyl rubber adhesive, and are suitable for acrylic glass and polycarbonates.
A surface covered with the wool fibre of the strips can be plastered or painted. Strips can also be used on uneven surfaces and, due to their special construction, Folienband is also flexible diagonally, which allows for it to optimally tolerate movements of the building. Thanks to flexibility in both directions the continuous impermeability of window joints is ensured.
This system is a standard in most European countries.
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