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Systemair RPK

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18 January 2012

RPK is a constant air flow regulator which is used for exact mechanical setting of required air volume in ventilation systems without need of any other energy.

RPK is characterized by:
• regulation accuracy
• easy mounting
• maintenance-free
• tight connection with the duct

The RPK enables regulation of individually required amounts of air in separate ventilation system zones. RPK works in temperature from -20 to 80°C and relative humidity up to 80%. Recommended air flow velocity is from 3 to 8 meters per second at pressure difference to Δp 500 Pa. Accuracy is ±5 %(±10% for outer settings). The RPK is manufactured from galvanized sheet metal, only the blade is from aluminium. All steel parts are zinc plated, spring is made from high quality steel. Sliding bearing is suitable for high temperatures and doesn´t require any lubrication. The cover of adjusting mechanism is made from ABS plastic and the plastic functional parts are from PA plastic.
The following diagram will help to find a proper RPK model:

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