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LED attachment on the faucet

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30 March 2012

Recently, LED attachment on the faucet are becoming more popular. One of these new products - Light attachment "Watercolor". However it does not require batteries. Electrical energy is produced by the energy of the water jet. Water light will vary depending on the temperature. If the water temperature is below 25°C the attachment will emit green light. If the water temperature is 26-35°C - blue light, 36-45°C - red light, and if the water temperature is above 45°C, the attachment on the faucet will flash red and blue warning of the danger. This product is intended for visualization of water temperature.
Externally the attachment on the faucet looks like a small cone, which like the vast majority of mixers is covered with chrome. On the top of the attachment the neck is threaded to the faucet, on the bottom there are three types of LEDs and several openings through which an illuminated water jet leaves.
The device is quite compact and easy to operate, its size will not cause any discomfort in the bathroom and in the kitchen.
Насадка на кран
Light attachment to the crane Watercolor works completely independently and requires no maintenance. The absence of moving mechanical parts, wires and removable power supplies provide high reliability and operation durability. All electronic circuits are protected from contact with water and are in a silicone waterproof capsule. Glowing Watercolor attachment on the faucet comes with a number of adapters that allow to fix it easily on any type of mixer with different thread diameters.
Due to the universality of design the attachment Watercolor can be used almost anywhere - at home, office, restaurant, hotel or club. Low price, simplicity of operation and ease of installation make this attachment to the faucet with the water light simple and inexpensive for an amazing and unusual appearance of the usual things.

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