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Daikin leads the way in seasonal efficiency

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31 July 2012

The company Daikin has released a new series of commercial inverter Sky Air Seasonal which fully meets the requirements of European directive '20-20-20'.

Environmental issues such as global warming and decreasing stocks of fossil fuels have resulted in the need for more efficient climate control systems. This has been expressed in aggressive European environmental targets to be met by the year 2020, commonly referred to as the 20-20-20 targets. To effectively realise these targets, Europe has also mandated more realistic measurements of actual system efficiency: so called seasonal efficiency.

Seasonal efficiency measurements on air conditioning systems reward designs that optimise real performance under partial load conditions, taking into account overall energy use including that of so-called auxiliary modes, over an entire cooling season.

The Sky Air seasonal efficiency lines offer two paths to seasonal efficiency: Seasonal Smart for top seasonal efficiency, and Seasonal Classic for applications requiring less flexibility. Both lines of outdoor units offer improvements of more than 40% with respect to present Sky Air systems.
FCQHG100F + RZQG100L7V1 SEER values compared with previous FCQH100D + RZQ100D9V1

And the full range of indoor units supported by both systems make either solution a logical choice for small business owners concerned about economy and ecology. Indoor unit options include the new Round Flow Cassette, concealed ceiling units, a ceiling suspended cassette, a floor-standing model and a wall-mounted model.

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