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Startec 4 thermostatic heads

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31 October 2011

Meibes announced new generation of thermostatic heads for heating systems Startec 4. These thermostatic heads are notable for the unique design in combination with the traditionally high German quality of the Meibes products.

With the help of the Startec 4 thermostatic heads the user could easily adjust temperature in the room while achieving the maximum comfort and energy savings. Startec 4 are easy to install and use, they are compatible with the radiator valves with the outer thread М30х1,5; М33х2,0 and clamp connection. They have gradual adjustment, it allows to set the necessary temperature without applying any effort. The thermostatic heads possess the smooth glossy surface which is easily cleaned. The heads have an additional cover for screwed cap which helps to conceal the radiator connection and achieve the external appeal.

The Meibes thermostatic headshave passed through the independent laboratory tests, as a result the products were given the highest energy efficiency class A after the TELL system as well as DIN-EN 215 certificate.
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