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Spirax Sarco conducted a workshop

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25 April 2012
The workshop of "Spirax Sarco Engineering" Steam condencing systems for enterprises: problems and solutions" is finished. It was attended by 25 specialists from different sectors: energy, food processing, woodworking and pulp and paper, tobacco, tires, etc.
"The workshop is a significant event for us - so the director of training Spirax Sarco Russia, Alexei V. Duane - this is the first event that took place in a new training center established specifically to train our own employees and seminars for outside users. During the construction of this center, we tried to create favorable conditions for training and educational opportunities to expand the base, equipped with several demonstration plants. I am sure it will be assessed on merit our future students. "
The new, specially equipped conference room, participants discussed a wide range of topics: the construction of steam supply systems, and steam consumption, the organization of a system for collecting and returning the condensate heat recovery.
Experts' Spirax Sarco Engineering, "with many years experience in the industry, sharing knowledge with students, which will help reduce the cost of thermal energy, to ensure proper quality of steam for production processes, reduce the amount of waste and emissions, improve safety.
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