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Soudal Window System

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07 November 2011
To eliminate the creation of thermal bridges, to reduce the noise level and to prevent penetration of humidity it is recommended to improve the sealing of the connection joint, an activity that is carried out in addition to the standard installation (mechanical brick tie and filling with insulating polyurethane foam).

The Soudal Window System offers a highly efficient installation of window frames which leads to higher energy savings also in passive houses.

Pursuant to the principle "inside tighter than outside" such materials are used that make possible a vapour-tight separation of the interior from the connecting joint, thus preventing moisture penetration from the interior into the polyurethane foam in the joint.

On the outer side of the joint such materials are applied that prevent penetration of water, at the same time enabling the venting of the joint.

The inlying polyurethane foam is perfectly protected, thus yielding a long service life during its excellent performance as thermal and noise barrier.

 Soudal NV is Europe’s leading independent manufacturer of sealants, PU-Foams and adhesives. Soudal is a strong brand all over the world. It serves professionals in construction, retail channels and industrial assembly and has 45 years of experience with end-users in over 100 countries worldwide. With 7 manufacturing sites on 4 continents and 35 subsidiaries worldwide, Soudal ensures optimal technical and logistical support.

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