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Nanosol solar hot water

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14 August 2012

Turkish flat plate collector producer Ezinc introduced a new solar water heater model called “Nanosol NA 130”. The system combines a solar collector and a 130 L enamelled storage tank in one unit. As a passive system in which the water is heated directly it does not need pumps, a separated storage tank or heat exchangers.

Ezinç reduced the heat loss by placing the water tank into a special thermally insulated UV resistant box. This is achieved by encasing the water tank in a double layer ultra-high transmittance polymer-topped box that allows heat from the sun to reach the water tank. The water’s large thermal mass, along with the insulation reduces the heat dissipation outwards the tank. It also has an inbuilt back-up electric heating element of 2 kW for cloudy days with an adjustable thermostat in the integrated tank.

With Nanosol the company targets customers that need a space-saving solution because they don’t have enough space for a conventional solar water heater. Nanosol can be installed on balconies, terraces, roofs and walls.

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