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Del Solar Modules Got 1000 V UL Certification

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17:2704 February 2013

Taiwan-based module manufacturer, DelSolar has received 1000V UL certification for a range of its modules.  DelSolar claims to be the first  Taiwanese producer to receive this certification.

DelSolar’s president,  Lidon Chen said: “DelSolar’s modules have been used in several PV projects. Passing 1000V UL certification lets us realize our commitment to continuously providing high quality products and ensuring that our clients in the U.S. and other regions have the maximum return on their investment.”

Both commercial and utility-scale PV projects lean towards high-voltage installations that lower balance of system (BOS) costs, such as wiring and inverters, as well as minimize their operation and maintenance costs, compared with the conventional 600 volts standard.

DelSolar said that its 60-cell and 72-cell modules, including the D6C_B3A-WS, D6S_B3A-WSf, D6C_B4A-WS and D6S_B4A-WSf series have all qualified

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