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Solar collectors will provide heat for 50% of Moscow houses

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05 October 2012

At the end of September 2012 the possibility of building roofs using for the placement of solar collectors was discussed at the Moscow Department of Fuel and Energy Sector. As the Department the installation of solar collectors  on 77 thousand roofs will allow to decrease the city dependence from the central energy sources.

Solar energy is already used in different Russian regions even those with the cold climate. For example a solar power station has been already working for half a year in the Yakutsk town of Batamay. "The fuel economy has made 8% of the usual year volume for the past 12 months. The previous diesel power station consumed diesel fuel which costed about 2,5 million doubles a year. At the expense of solar energy the costs have decreased to 2,3 million roubles," Sergey Gubskiy,  the Chief Engineer of Sakhaenergo said. The specialist believes the costs for the solar power station will be repaid in seven years.
Alternative energy is one of the ways to decrease costs for usual fuels and accordingly the utility bills. Using of the ground energy for heating, hot water supply and cooling of a private house decreases the owner costs by 75%.
One more alternative energy source is wind. As the representative of Ministry of Energy the transition to the wind in the Far East Federal District would allow not to increase the energy generation costs within the first five years and after that even to start to decrease it.
The usage of litter and even manure could help to provide houses with the necessary energy and to solve the utilization problem. The Belgorod Region is going to provide the 75% of the whole Region population (about one million people) with heat and electric energy generated with ecologically clean facilities.
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