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Price reduction for the Testo products

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07 November 2011
Testo Rus announces price reduction till the 31st of December for the the following products:

testo 875-2 Profi set iwith following
specifications: detector type 160 x 120 pixels, good image quality NETD < 80 mK, high quality standard lens 32° x 23°, integrated digital camera, auto hot/cold spot recognition, manual focus, temperature range -20 to +280°C, display of surface moisture distribution, telephoto lens (optional)
The set includes all necessary equipment: pro software with integrated report creation, SD card, USB cable, mains unit, Li-ion rechargeable battery, adapter for tripod mounting, robust, high-quality case . In addition to the equipment of the testo 875-2, the set also includes: telephoto lens (9° x 7°), protective lens, additional battery, charger, sun shield.

testo 881-2 set which includes in addition: charger, telephoto lens 9° x 7°, protective lens, additional battery, soft-case.
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