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HELIOS Lufberg heaters become cheaper

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06 August 2012

In the HELIOS Lufberg heaters have become cheaper. Lufberg heaters are well suited for heating buildings with large open areas, as well as to combat the heat losses through the outside walls of the building.
Modern design heaters suitable for all types of premises: shopping centers and department stores, factory and warehouse facilities, sports halls, garages and greenhouses.

The benefits of fan heaters HELIOS Lufberg:
• Wide operating temperature range of the coolant
• Maximum water temperature is +130 ° C
• Protection class IP44,
• The heat exchanger is equipped with a bleed screw and drain valve,
• The brackets allow to mount the fan heaters with an inclination relative to the axis,
• Powerful and smooth air flow,
• Improved acoustic performance,
• Painting in any RAL color by choice of the customer.

The new cost of the heaters:

HELIOS Lufberg -1 - 22 800 rubles.
HELIOS Lufberg -2 - 29 800 rubles.
HELIOS Lufberg-1-RAL - 24 300 rubles.
HELIOS Lufberg-2-RAL - 31 300 rubles.

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