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Comfort System4

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18 November 2011
Company "Center teplyh polov" (Nizhny Novgorod) presents Comfort System4, based on wireless technology, you can control your underfloor heating from one place.

The installer saves valuable installation time due to a simple and quick installation process, and the end user benefits from intuitive operation, lower energy consumption and the possibility to remote control the system from a mobile phone.

With the OJ Microline Comfort System4, OJ offers a future proof solution that takes comfort further - for everybody.

Product Features:
Quick and easy installation
Wireless two-way communication between units
Open-field range of 100 metres
Easy start-up - "easy programming" - all from one place!
Self-explanatory menus for both installer and end-user
Suitable for standard wall boxes - installation depth of just 20mm
Automatic daylight saving times (summer/winter)
Ready for external connection, e.g. to SMS modem for holiday homes
Battery backup of clock and calendar
Flexible design - suitable for Gira's stylish frames and others

Product Programme
OCS4-10 CS4™ Central Controller
OSD4-1999 CS4™ Thermostat
OSA4-10 CS4™ Panel Heater Controller (Relay Point)
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