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workshop in Nizhny Novgorod

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20 December 2011
Technical workshop "Features of General multi-split systems and VRF-systems" took place in Nizhny Novgorod at the Congress Centre Grand Hotel "Oka."
Group of Companies "Ayak" (, the main General distributor in Russia (, and its regional office "Ayak-Volga" were organizers of the workshop.
Interest in the multi-split systems and VRF-systems in the Russian market continues to grow. VRF is a unique class of equipment, suitable for air-conditioning of relatively small areas and for huge office and administrative buildings. During the past five years thousands of houses, offices and hotels that are equipped with such systems and more than a hundred mega-projects were fulfilled, the total cooling capacity in each of them was from 10 to 20 MW.
At the seminar
a new version of equipment selection software Design Simulator was presented, it was designed for the automatic calculation of air-conditioning system and allowed you to make the necessary configuration of the demanded equipment.
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