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RIDGID self-leveling lasers

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08 August 2012

The RIDGID micro CL-100 offers an amazing value for a cross line laser. With a ‘single knob operation’ the micro CL-100 is very easy to use and helps you to get your leveling or alignment job done at the blink of an eye!

The micro CL-100 instantly projects a highly visible vertical and horizontal laser line to millimeter accuracy and automatically compensates for misalignments even at slopes of 6°. It can be used at an extended interior range of 30 meters and only needs to be setup once thanks to its integrated 360° swivel base.

The micro CL-100 laser comes packed in a rugged plastic carrying case and includes laser enhancing glasses and an elevating tripod for free!

The RIDGID micro DL-500 is a compact dot laser that simultaneously projects 5 concentrated laser dots that are at 90° angles to each other, allowing you to easily transfer measured points, set out right angles and align various construction elements.

The micro DL-500 is very easy to use and is operated by simply turning the knob. It has an extended working range of 30 meters and provides great accuracy at both short and long distances. Costly errors due to misalignments are prevented thanks to its self-leveling mechanism.

The micro DL-500 also features an integrated 360° swivel base and is supplied with a multi-functional magnetic base, a magnetic target plate, mounting strap and laser enhancing glasses, all for free.

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