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Grundfos S-tube technology

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05 May 2012

The 17th largest international professional exhibition IFAT ENTSORGA 2012, dedicated to the technologies of water treatment, starts on May 7, 2012 in Munich. During the event, May 8, the company GRUNDFOS, the world's leading manufacturer of pumping equipment, will introduce its new development - sewerage pump with a unique impeller type «S-tube».
On the stand GRUNDFOS (Hall A6, Booth number 233/232) will present the latest developments of concern in water supply and sanitation.
The expected premiere of 2012 - «S-tube impeller» - single-channel impeller with improved hydraulics. The patented technology has increased efficiency and increased the value of the free passage of the pump. Simple and robust construction ensures a long service life and reduces maintenance costs.
Currently, new impeller fitted with sewage pumps SE1 and SL1, the world which will be launched on 8 May.
At its booth GRUNDFOS will also present some unique designs. In the first place - is a technology AUTOAdapt, which consists of a built-in pump control unit, pressure and dry running. All of this eliminates the need to install an external control panel, pump and float switches. Another know-how - the technology of proportional pressure control for booster (Demand Driven Distribution), which can significantly save power consumption.

Visitors to the booth and see the innovative engines of energy efficiency class IE3. The technology used in them, can significantly reduce the power consumption of the pump. Tests showed that the units are equipped with these engines, under certain conditions, save up to 60% of energy.
On the stand GRUNDFOS will run the Russian-speaking engineers who can provide details of updates and developments.
New pumps GRUNDFOS series SE1 and SL1 with impeller-type «S-tube impeller» will be first presented to Russian consumers in the summer of this year vystakve "ECWATECH-2012" will take place in "Crocus Expo" from 5 to 8 June.
Statement of Concern GRUNDFOS:
GRUNDFOS Group was founded in 1945 in Denmark. Currently, he is a leading global manufacturer of pumps for all industries and the private sector. There are currently 85 units of concern are located in 52 countries around the world. Total production concern - more than 16 million pumps a year.
In Russia, the GRUNDFOS pumps are known since the early 60s. The first delivery has been made in 1962. In 1998 he founded a subsidiary company "Grundfos". The first stage of the plant for the production of pumping equipment "Grundfos Istria" (Istra, Moscow Region) was opened in 2005 and in 2011 completed the second phase of the complex: built new production lines, warehouse and administrative buildings. The total area of ​​production in 2011 - 30 000 sq. m. The volume of investments in Russian production is 80 million euros. The total investment of "Grundfos" in Russian - more than 100 million euros.
In 2012 company "Grundfos" is represented by 27 offices in all federal districts of Russia. GRUNDFOS pumps operate as utilities of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Voronezh, Khabarovsk, Syktyvkar, Podolsk, Ivanovo, Yaroslavl and other objects on the housing and a number of major Russian industrial enterprises, airports.

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