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Renewable energy for RZD

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09 October 2012

In the next three years new sources of renewable energy will appear in railway transport in Russia. It was stated by the head of automation and remote central management infrastructure Railways Gennady Nasonov in the 6-th International Scientific-Practical Conference "Automation and remote control of railway."

For the needs of railway facilities a set of solar panels, wind turbines and solar heat exchangers will be installed. Railways operate now with the only source of renewable energy - solar panel which fully provides electricity for the Komsomolskaya station in Krasnodar for 280 days a year.

"The task is to introduce alternative sources of electricity was set  by the RZD head Vladimir Yakunin - Gennady Nasonov said - It will be a significantly reduce costs for energy supply industry."

"Wind turbines have the greatest effect on the Northern Railway, and Sakhalin, solar panels - the North-Caucasian Railway. Hybrid are well used to generate electricity in Dagestan, the Altai and the Far East, "- said the deputy director for technical development" President Neva "Yuri Górecki.

Recall that this summer on the roof of Anapa train station was installed 560 solar panels. The total installed power is 70 kW. Station became the first in Russia, powered by solar energy.


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