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Rusclimat live on the radio 'Mayak'

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06 July 2012

June 30, 2012 Alexander Danilchenko, the head of Water Heaters Department of the Rusclimat group of companies spoke on the waves of the the radio station "Mayak". In the summer there is a great demand for electric water heaters. People do not want to lose the comfort during the water switching-off. Buyers study the market proposals to find a reliable instrument that will last more than one season. The program on the radio station "Mayak" was organized for this audience, it was devoted to the possibilities of modern water heaters, and the "Rusclimat" expert Alexander Danilchenko was invited. In a live morning show "Adventureland" Alexander Danilchenko was answering the questions of the broadcasters and the listeners. The discussion contained the full range of basic questions about buying, installing and operating characteristics of the modern heating equipment. Among them: what moments to pay attention at when choosing a water heater for a city apartment or suburban house, which actual offers to find in the market, what mistakes to avoid when installing devices, how to determine the amount of water consumption depending on the number of family members, area and configuration space, where to place the device best of all, how to avoid the formation of scale and to extend the working life, and other questions.

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