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BAXI invites to the Russian Architectural Forum

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04 May 2012
BAXI invites to visit the joint booth BAXI SpA and the company 'ELSO Energosbyt' at the International specialized exhibition 'Russian Architectural Forum' which will be held on May 15-18, 2012 in Nizhny Novgorod, at the address: Str. Sovnarkomovskaya, 13, EC "Nizhniy Novgorod Fair," in the first pavilion, booth № S17.
"Russian Architectural Forum" - one of the biggest events in the region, dedicated to architecture and construction, urban and housing and communal services, electrical equipment and lighting, heating systems, water supply, ventilation and climate systems, etc.
The exhibition "Russian Architecture and Construction Forum" of the company BAXI SpA and "ELSO Energosbyt" will present an exposition of heating and water heating equipment BAXI, the most popular on the Russian market:
- Wall-mounted gas boilers,
- Floor-iron boilers,
- Indirect heating boilers.
Visitors to the exhibition BAXI-Energosbyt can receive technical advice and other information, as well as discuss possible cooperation.
Also on the stand BAXI-Energosbyt will be issuing plastic cards "BAXI-Club" - the bonus program for installers. And those who are already participants in the Programme will be able to earn additional points by visiting the exhibition BAXI.
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