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"Ridan" was updated to v.4.235

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31 January 2012
At the end of January 2012 an updated version of the calculation software "Ridan" 4.235 on the selection of heat transfer equipment for the needs of utilities (heating and hot water) and industrial companies appeared.
The program has a broad functional for the calculation of heat transfer equipment and an intuitive interface. Using advanced software to model technological processes and to select the optimum heat transfer equipment.
The new version 4.235 made a number of updates:
- new monoblock models were added.
- the value the heat exchange surface reserves was added as default. (For dismountable heat exchangers the heat exchange surface reserves value is 10% by default, for soldered 20%). It is also possible to set the required value manually.
- the revealed bugs were fixed.
The updated version 4.235 is available for free download on the Ridan website
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