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Rating of air conditioners warranty periods

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05 July 2012

The company "Russian climate," the leading expert on the HVAC market which provides engineering support of projects, reviewed the warranty period on air conditioners, represented on the Russian market. It turned out that most manufacturers in our country give a guarantee on its products for 1 year, some - for 2 years,and very few - for 3 years. The larger the warranty period is a rare exception.
"Warranty Period is the period during which the manufacturer of the goods or the seller guarantees normal smooth and reliable operation," Armen Martirosyan, the financial director of the "Russian climate" says. - "Thus, it appears that the greater the warranty period is, the more confident the manufacturer is in quality and reliability of the equipment."
Summary table of the warranty period on the most popular air conditioners in Russia is as follows:

Air conditioner brand Warrenty period set by the manufacturer
Gree 5
Daikin 3
Mitsubishi Electric 3
Fujitsu 3
Electrolux 3
Kitano 3
Midea 2
Ballu 2
Dantex 2
Panasonic 1-3
LG 1-3*
Samsung 1-3*
General Climate 1

* Depending on whether the installer company is an authorized service center for this brand

"High reliability of GREE air conditioners is confirmed by 10 year experience in the operation of these air conditioners in Russia. Since the sale and installation of GREE equipment is possible only through professional HVAC companies, GREE provides a five-year warranty for its air conditioners."- Vladimir Murashko, CEO of" Euroclimate-region "(GREE official distributor in Russia) commented this study.

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