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Energy saving program for the Chepetsk Mechanical Plant

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28 November 2011
During the visit of Director General of the State Corporation "Rosatom" Sergey Kiriyenko to the Chepetsk Mechanical Plant (a part of the fuel company "TVEL") the first results of a pilot project on energy efficiency in the enterprise were presented. The project was designed and implemented by the Center for Energy Efficiency "INTER RAO UES" by the order of Rosatom. The goal of the project is to provide practical experience in energy-efficient and cost-effectiveness evaluation for further replication and reduction of energy consumption at the enterprises of State corporations for more than 25% by 2016.
In 2010 the plant was examined with energy audit procedure and a program of energy saving measures was developed. First of all, those activities were chosen from energy efficiency programs and energy efficiency increasing that might be hold for typical objects of State corporation enterprises in short terms. To the present date the project involves eight of the 16 departments. Directions of the pilot project are: introduction of variable frequency drive motors, upgrading of the ventilation systems and establishment of control centers, decentralization and installation of individual compressors, upgrading of lighting systems on the basis of LED lighting in buildings of the fabrication center.
  • 29-12-2011


    ОАО «Чепецкий механический завод» расположен в г.Глазов, Удмуртской республики. Причём тут Кировская область?

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