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Pro Aqua RBM-Tita-Fix

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18 August 2011

Egoplast presents composite pipes Pro Aqua RBM-Tita-Fix, which are manufactured in Italy. The main feature of the pipes RBM-Tita-Fix is the joining technology of the aluminum layer which is overlapped with ultrasound. This advanced technology allows to manufacture the most reliable, but light and flexible pipes. Pipe RBM-Tita-Fix combines the advantages of metal (safety and security) and polypropylene pipes. Egoplast cooperates successfully with Italian partners for a long time. Under the Egoplast brand Pro Aqua the metal pipes RBM-Tita-Fix are manufactured.

The reel's weight with the 1б x 2 pipe is only 12 kg, the lifetime of the pipe is not less than 50 years by the operating temperature 95°C and operating pressure 10 bar.

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