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Close control air conditioners HiRef

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18 November 2011

Company Trade Group which is the part of group of companies Thermocool offers close control air conditioners HiRef with the cooling capacity from 8–28 kW from its warehouse in Moscow

Performance - Air cooling
Management - Improved programmable management pCO1 with LCD display
Cooling agent - R407C
Humidification - dehumidification + steam humidifier with humidity sensor
Air Cleaning - G4 + filter pollution sensor

Condensation control (external capacitors 230V~/50Hz), fan speed control - control of condensing pressure with MCB
Package - standard (on a pallet with cardboard and plastic wrap)
Low temperature kit (-40°C)
Adjustable frame-
foundation for devices with bottom air distribution
Condensing unit LLOID COILS complete with fans.

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