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VALTEC assortment enlargement

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20 February 2012
In February the product range of VALTEC S.r.l. is extended with a novelty - a plastic bracket with a fixing lock (VT.KP.F). At present time 3 sizes are available (20, 25 and 32mm).
The product is made of high-quality primary polypropylene. The material is not afraid of negative temperatures, allows the reuse of the bracket without a loss of elasticity and geometric shapes.
These brackets fix a pipe ideally, the lock prevents loss of the pipe out of the bracket even at high temperatures in the heating system and at a maximum linear pipes extension.
For comfortable usage the mounting brackets are packed into the plastic bags with the size and quantity mark. Packages are stacked into a standard VALTEC box which has a sticker with all the necessary information about the product.
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