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Finland trip

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16 September 2011

Specialists of Joint Stock Company Ahlsell visited the plant Purmo where the radiators are being manufactured, the Ahlsell Oy logistic center anf\d the Naval plant where they could see all stages of ball valves manufacturing.

From 7th till 9th of September the employees of the Joint Stock Company Ahlsell headquaters (Saint Petersburg) and representetives of the main clients (construction, building, assembling and designing companies) took part in a 3-day-trip to Finland.

The trip was organized with the participation of the main Ahlsell suppliers - Naval Oy (кcompany Flowserve) and Purmo (company Rettig Heating). 

The trip program included the visiting the Ahlsell Oy logistic center and manufacturing plants of Naval Oy (all-welded ball valves, control valves, and butterfly valves) and Purmo (radiators, convectors).

At the Naval plant all stages of ball valves manufacturing was shown. At the Purmo plant the visitors observed the product variety and their technological features.

Logistic center Ahlsell amazed the visitors with its size (in 2011 8000 m2 was introduced), orderliness of logistic procedures, automatisation of handling operations.

Besides technological excursions the visitors had the opportunity to see sights of Jakobstad, Uusikaupunki, Laitila.

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