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Offshore wind farms in Europe

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30 November 2011

Over 141 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind energy capacity is built, under construction, consented, or planned in Europe: enough to power 130 million average EU households. These wind farms - representing 35 times more capacity than the just under 4 GW installed today - would provide 13.1% of Europe's total electricity production.

The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) today published its latest report analysing all existing offshore wind power projects in 17 EU member states, mostly in north-western Europe. New offshore wind farms with a capacity of 5.6 GW are currently under construction in the UK, Germany and Belgium.

"There is huge developer interest in offshore wind energy across Europe", commented Arthouros Zervos, President of EWEA. "Developers, governments and investors realise that offshore wind energy offers the growth and jobs that Europe desperately needs."

169,000 jobs in the EU offshore wind energy sector are expected to be created by 2020, going up to 300,000 by 2030, according to the EWEA report. European companies are currently global leaders, with over 99% of the world's installed offshore capacity in European waters.


  • 01-12-2011


    Совершенно неуместно говорить об эффективности этих 'проектов'.
    В европах и америках 'ветро' уже не могут найти лохов, готовых выложить денежки 'на ветер'. Теперь в России страраются из всех сил надуть в уши и выдуть из карманов

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