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Electric power development prospects

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26 March 2012
XII International Scientific-Technical Conference "Prospects of electric power development. Energy efficiency and conservation " was held In Moscow in March 20-21, 2012. It was  organized by the International Association TRAVEK supported by the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Academy of Electrotechnical Sciences, Russian National Committee of CIGRE, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Energy, "ELEKTROZAVOD" Inc.
The conference was attended by over 150 experts SRI, power engineering enterprises and companies from Russia, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, USA, South Korea, the Republic of Belarus, and Ukraine.
The papers presented at the conference, discussed developments in the field of energy for transmission, distribution and consumption of electrical energy, new energoeffetivnogo electrical equipment, research and development and prospects of companies - manufacturers of electrical equipment.
The speeches the participants stressed the relevance of energy efficiency in power generation and industry. Addressing energy efficiency and energy in the electricity industry has been identified as a solution to a number of pressing problems:
- Ensuring energy security and energy efficiency in the development of electric power systems, and application of new technologies and equipment for generation, transmission, distribution and consumption of electrical energy (long-term project).
- Ensuring of energy efficiency and energy security in the existing electric power system ( today project)
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