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Energy efficiency open lesson

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21 March 2012
There was a quite spacious heating substation room, there were the leaders and those who are responsible for energy savings of budgetary institutions instead of the students. In the role of the teacher was played by an engineer working directly on the so-called individual heating substation.
- We now have three degrees outside. Coolant temperature is 47 degrees.
If you will again be cold, the temperature inside the building will rise automatically. This is the main charm of the individual Heat Exchangers. This scheme allows the heat to save up to 40% of heat in the fall and spring and about 15% in winter. And the cost of purchase and installation of equipment - 400 thousand rubles somewhere - will be repaid over several years, experts say.
"My first encounter with it. Naturally, I was impressed. Warm and fairly easy to manage, you can see everything. Another is that automation is a big plus. The temperature rises automatically. The room temperature is maintained by the one who laid the same SanPiN "- says Svetlana Selikhova, sister of the hostess station" ambulance "Michurinsk, student of the courses.
Most participants in the practice session started thinking about creating the institution's own energy efficiency programs. This was to retreat, the organizers recognized.
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