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New Soler&Palau plant

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19 October 2011
Soler&Palau build a new plant for the extention of production facilities of its French division VIM in the French city of Soudan.The Russian consumers are familiar with the French manufacturer Soler&Palau due to the air handling units (KSTA, CAIB) and heat recovery units (CADB).

On the plant the acoustic cabinet fans series KBTR, KCTR and CAB-PLUS are being assembled. The plant's area makes up 16000 m2 and is equipped up-to-date. the robotized machines creates high accuracy of the detail manufacturing and product assemblage. The design department and reseach laboratory are situated on the plant territory. All products are being tested there.

Founded in 1916, the VIM Company specializes in building ventilation. Only the letter V, like Ventilation, is important to remember in the company’s name, because the other words (Industrial and Mining) no longer reflect the company’s current position.

VIM designs, manufactures and distributes all material related to ventilation and mechanical smoke extraction procedures (ventilators, fan and extraction units…) as well as parts (VMC inlets and outlets, diffusers…) circular ventilation duct systems or electrical cabinets. It works in partnership with fluid engineering departments and installers (civil engineers, plumbers, electricians). It also provides installation consultancy.

In 2000, VIM joined the international group, Soler & Palau, S&P, one of the European leaders in ventilation for domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. S&P is located in 50 countries. VIM has 150 employees in France with about one hundred in its factory in Saint-Maixent-l'École in the department of Deux-Sèvres. The remainder of the workforce is employed in sales in various regions in France.
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