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New heaters Iguana Plus

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01 October 2012

The Iguana Plus is a new and enhanced version of Jaga’s best-selling original Iguana series of radiators. The Iguana Plus models benefit from a new, fuller casing and improved heat output, providing even more warmth than the classic Iguana radiator range.

 Classic Jaga Iguana, now with even more power

    Improved heat output, airflow and aesthetics
    Design inspired by the sun itself
    Available in a range of classic Iguana models

The realization of warmth. The Iguana is warmth made real. Iguana is a visually attractive design radiator, with a compact and refined appearance. Iguana symbolises the essentials of heating: the rhythmic succession of sun rays and nothing more. Thanks to the simple aesthetics and natural rhythm, the symbolic value of Iguana is a unique appearance in your home. The Iguana is available in many shapes and sizes and can be installed anywhere in the home: against the wall, in a corner, freestanding in the room and even around a pillar.

Aplano Plus - a simple radiator, Arco Plus - curved in an arc device, Circo Plus Wall - strongly curved shape, Visio Plus - with mirror heater, Circo Freestanding - heater in the form of columns, Circo Pillar - a niche in which you can install a pole or tower , Corner Plus - for arrangement of angles and Angula Plus - designed to form an outside corner.

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