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Honeywell Smile SDC update

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18 May 2012
Honeywell has updated series of popular Smile SDC controller to version 3.1. Smile SDC controllers are designed to control heating and hot water controlled by one or more boilers (SDC mode) or heat exchangers, district heating systems (DHC mode).
Update affected following treatment for SDC:

Enhanced Protection legionely (for compliance and IfSG Trinkw V2001): provides a permanent job in the pump during the activation function and the blocking function with faulty probe temperature of hot water.
Improved temperature control function of the reverse flow in systems with multiple boilers for energy efficiency: broken pots are cut off a 3-way valve (3-pos. Drive).
Enhanced cascade control: change the default settings to avoid the simultaneous shutdown of all boilers at once.
Added a new function controls the hot water heater Electric: allows you to extend the application range of the controller.
Added a new function Hysteresis for hot water: hysteresis adjustable range 5 .. 30K.

Update does not affect the cost of the controllers. Prices remain the same. Product and price details on
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