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Another Elso EGM project

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25 October 2011

Energogasmontage (Elso EGM) has completed a great heat supply project for the Palace of Aquatics in Saint Petersburg. The project was completed ina cooperation with Monolitstroy.

The Palace of Aquatics is situated at number 7 John Reed Street and is a unique building of the international level. It is one of the biggest objects of such level in Europe.

The swimming sports complex is a multi-functional Olympic-style facility including several swimming pools for competitions, water polo, swimming classes. There two swimming pools for children and five sports halls.

The Palace is equipped with broadcasting systems and systems for underwater shooting. The total area of the swimming sports complex is 19 thousand sq. m.

Elso EGM performed all gas supply works from obtaining of necessary permissions to the putting the building into operation.

The assembly operations were lasting five months, during this period the Elso EGM specialists mounted a 6.4 MW boiler, piping and layed a gas pipeline. For the heating purpose two three-pass Viessmann low pressure hot water Vitomax 200 boilers with the efficiency factor 94% are used.

An interesting peculiarity of the boiler house is a 35 meter chimney which was meant to prevent the ingress of smoke to the nearest high-rise buidlings.

The assembly operations were completed in time in spite of the tight circumstances because of a large quantity of underground service lines.

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