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New MDV heat pumps

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06 March 2012
Midea Corporation brings to the Russian market a new MDV series of "air-water" heat pumps.  The new equipment will be presented at the "Climate World 2012" on the stand a group of companies, "JAC" - exclusive distributor in the MDV in RF (Pavilion "Expocentre", hall № 2, booth number 2V2401).
Monoblock TN MDV series RSJi have an elegant design, are intended for indoor installation and operation of the DHW system. Ideal for use in country houses, small hotels and restaurants.
Minimum cost for installation of heat pumps of this design can reduce capital costs and high energy efficiency - reducing operating costs.

Storage tank is integrated directly into a decorative casing of the heat pump. The exceptional thermal insulation capacity (high-performance thermal insulation made from polymer cyclopentane) ensures that even without the use of hot water temperature is lowered it is only 5°C per day. Full-featured automated control system has a simple interface and is located directly in front of the unit. It is implemented as an embedded controller with LCD-display. Heat pumps have the automatic disinfection of water in the tank (water heating to +70°C and maintaining this temperature for half an hour), as well as the automatic defrost and protection, including the safety valve and built-in RCD.
The use of refrigerant R-134a ensures stable operation under critical conditions, such as the outdoor temperature to +52°C. Air ducts for supply and removal of air can be up to 5 meters, as the external static pressure of 30 Pa fan.
The heat pump can operate in two modes: an economical and hybrid. When operating in economy mode, the water temperature is 38-60 (70)°C. Outside air temperature -7 - +43°C. When operating in hybrid mode, the water temperature is 38-60 (70)°C. Outside air temperature -30 - +43°C.
Built-in electric water heaters can operate stably at very low outdoor temperatures - down to -30°C. A built-in magnesium anode prevents corrosion. Switching between modes of the heat pump - heater automatically according to the outside air temperature. Power input in heat pump - 500 W, in a hybrid to 3000 Watt.
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