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Airstage J multizone systems

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21 October 2011
Fujitsu General Ltd. Japan Airstage J multizone systems provide economical and comfortable air conditioning for a wide range of applications: large apartments, country houses, hotels, shops, cafes and restaurants and small office rooms. Airstage J are inverter systems with a variable refrigerant volume. A great advantage of this system is a simple and convenient installation.
The main features are:
  • High Efficiency System (Powerful operation with low electricity consumption);
  • DC-inverter technology of compressor control.
  • Comfort (Operating wide outside air temperature range);
  • Free System (Indoor units line up; System that allows individual air conditioning of multiple rooms; Large capacity connectable; Long piping length);
  • System control options (Consumed current reduction mode, Noise reduction mode, Automatic cooling agent pumping out mode, Remote controllers for all indoor units, Working mode and Error messaging);
  • Easy Installation (Easy to understand piping and wiring installation; System addressing; Easier installation of the outdoor unit);
  • Environment (Surroundings conscious; Ozone-friendly cooling agent freon R410a);
  • Corrosion protection of the outdoor unit heat-exchanger;
  • Control (Control system that totally controls a pleasant air conditioning environment; Connection to VRF control network system; Integration into the BACnet and LonWorks networks).
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