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20 August 2012

Boilers Premium 12 and Premium 16 manufactured by the company Lemax have been put in mass production.

Following trade prices have been set on this production:
Name of product Recommended retail price
Premium 12,5  12 670
Premium 16  13 840

The differences of “Premium” series boilers from boilers of present series KSG.

    A new design.
    A protection system against boiler extinguishing.
    More comfortable maintenance of a boiler due to use of removable elements of cover and specialized hardware.
    Comfortable cleaning of a boiler due to use of removable upper cover.
    A better protection system (a sensor of overheating of heat exchanger is installed).
    The maximum efficiency is achieved due to:
        Extension of heat exchange area;
        The change of turbulator construction for maximum exit gas hold-up;
    Primary and secondary air intake is increased.

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