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New wall-mounted AEG Haustechnik boiler series

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21 February 2012
Wall-mounted gas boilers series of GBA and GBT series are used for heating at houses and cottages with the heating area up to 300 m2 or apartment heating in many-storeyed buildings with apartments up to 50 m2.
GBA boilers have an open combustion chamber, and the GBT have a closed one. In the boilers GBA 124 and GBT 124 the heating of hot water for domestic purposes occurs in a bithermic heat exchanger simultaneously with the heating. In other models the DHW heating comes from the heat transfer loop through the secondary plate heat exchanger.

The boilers are adapted to Russian conditions of operation: stable operation at low incoming natural gas pressure to 9 mbar and a minimum water pressure of 0,5 atm. The irculation pump and the three-way valve are protected against blocking as well as equipped with frost protection system and protection against limescale. It is possible to transfer the boiler into liquefied natural gas if necessary .
These boiler series possess a convenient control panel, self-diagnostics system with fault codes output on the LCD display, electronic temperature control in heating and domestic hot water circuits with a temperature smooth set when opening a hot water tap.

All boiler series GBA and GBT have weather-depending management system DIGITEC® which is capable to react quickly to weather changes if the street sensor is connected and to change the temperature in the boiler. This makes the heating system more cost-effective and air temperature fluctuations inside the house can be reduced to a minimum.
Due to the special design of the heat exchanger boiler models GBA 124 and GBT 124 have received 3 stars for energy efficiency according to the European standard 92/42/CEE. High efficiency provides a reduction in gas consumption and reduced environmental pollution.
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