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New compact chillers

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13 April 2012
The chillers and heat pumps ELFOEnergy DUCT MEDIUM (WSA-XEE and WSN-XEE series) are indoor units with ducted condensation.
Thanks to his special design ELFOEnergy Duct Medium main features are:
Versatility: different combinations of inlet and outlet plug fans enable to connect easily the unit to the air ducts and to have high available head;
High energy efficiency: ELFOEnergy Duct Medium besides being in Eurovent efficiency class A at full load grants high seasonal power efficiency thanks to the innovative cooling circuit optimized for partial load operation and the DST (Dynamic Supply Temperature) return control logic;
Easy installation: the units are very compact and are supplied with high efficiency pumps on board; therefore the available space for other purposes is increased and the installations costs are reduced.
Новые компактные чиллеры с центробежными вентиляторами ELFOENERGY DUCT MEDIUM
Water chiller
WSA-XEE: cooling only
WSN-XEE: heat pump
Air cooled
Indoor installation
Capacity from 36 to 101 kW
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