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VALTEC manifold block

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03 November 2011
New VALTEC linear manifold blocks appearted on the Russian market. They are made of nickel plated forged brass CW617N, is equipped with adjusting valves and flowmeters.

The manifold blocks are used in the radiator and underfloor heating systems with water and non-freezing glycolic heat carrier.

The flowmeters allow the hydraulic balancing of several independent heating loops with different pressure loss values.

All connections have rubber sealing rings. The number of outlets varies from 3 to 12, connection thread of the manifold is 1´´ и 1 ¼´´, connection thread of heating loops ¾´´ euroconus.

The maximum operating temperature is 120°С, working pressure 10 atmospheres.

Retail price for the manifold block ready-assembled 1" х 5 outlets euroconus 3/4" is 8 518 Russian roubles.
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