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Uponor geothermal systems

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09 November 2012


Uponor offers a complete package of geothermal energy cages, energy piles, horizontal collectors, flexible pre-insulated connecting lines as well as accessories and comprehensive service. 
Uponor not only makes its expertise – which is gained over decades in the production and planning of under-ground piping – available to contractors and planners, but also provides support throughout the entire planning and implementation stages of a project. The geothermal experts provide a full range of advice: from project man-agement to the establishment of the actual heating and cooling requirements of a building and the contribution of geothermal energy. If desired, Uponor can also act as intermediaries between the authorities.
The cross-linked polyethylene PE-Xa pipe used by Uponor can withstand high mechanical loads, as demonstrated in the Full Notch Creep Test and point load tests. The cross-linking protects the pipe against sharp objects and point loads, for example those arising from impact with stones or reinforcing steels on construction sites. This prevents the development and propagation of cracks. 
The PE-Xa pipe can be laid without the use of a sand or gravel bed in accordance with the W 400-2 Worksheet of the DVGW. This saves time and reduces installation costs. At the same time the efficiency of the system is increased by the absence of a sand bed. As a rule, dry sand has lower thermal conductivity than the surrounding soil, which can be used to embed the Uponor PE-Xa pipes. The pipe is moreover protected against UV radiation during the installation phase by a special black coating. 
The high quality of the PE-Xa pipe material has been a major factor in its widespread use for projects. To provide additional security for contractors, Uponor has insurance to cover up to one million euros. 
The pipes are connected using the proven Quick & Easy connection system, which are also compatible with the Uponor Ecoflex pipe system for connection to the building. The thermal separation of forward and return connections guarantees the Ecoflex thermal losses is minimised along the pipe route.
In addition to horizontal collectors, which are installed below the foundation slab or next to the building, Uponor also offers the integration of PE-Xa pipes laid in a U-shape, spiral or meander configuration for geothermal activation. The thermal activation of foundation piles as a rule will cover the basic load for heating and cooling a building for a modest financial outlay. 
Uponor’s energy cages are highly energy efficient. These are an economic alternative to horizontal collectors for small- and medium-sized houses and for small industrial buildings.
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