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New Bosch Thermotechnik prices

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24 January 2012
In January 2012 the company "Bosch Thermotechnik" announced a price increase on Buderus heating equipment by 3%. For actual prices and assortment please contact your sales representative "Bosch Thermotechnik". Products and prices can be found and downloaded from
Buderus (belongs to the group Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany) stands for heating technology of the best quality. High-grade materials, the most advanced technology and painstaking manufacture – for our customers, this means reliable and highly-efficient heating convenience.
Be it in a detached house or an office complex, in a football stadium or a museum, Buderus gives you that feel good factor all over the world – thanks to innovative heating solutions that mean a healthy climate in the long term. Whether conventional or sustainable, 2.7 or 19,200 kW – Buderus has the right system for every type of fuel and every demand. They have done for more than 275 years.
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