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New generation of Ariston water heaters

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13 March 2012
Ariston Thermo Rus in Russia presents a unique electric water heater - VELIS PLUS INOX. The new model combines the functionality, compactness and stylish design, ideal for city apartments and country houses.

In the planar case of VELIS PLUS INOX there are two internal tanks each equipped with its own heating element. Function FAST implemented on the basis of this unique design accelerates the heating of water greatly. If you activate this mode the heater total capacity  reaches 2.5 kW. Exclusive spreader NANOMIX produces output by 15-20% more hot water for shower than a standard water heater. For the first time in the series VELIS a model with a tank made of stainless steel with antacid treatment, which increases the corrosion resistance of up to 12 times. Welding provides additional strength MICRO PLAZMA TIG, by which the formation of seams tanks. Depth VELIS PLUS INOX is only 27 cm regardless of the tank volume: 30, 50, 80 or 100 liters. Thanks to both vertical and horizontal mounting super compact water heater can be placed in a non-standard location (such as the ceiling), further saving space.

The model has a function of ECO - a professional system of water purification from bacteria, which can be activated by pressing a single button. ABS 2.0 technology provides 100% protection from electrical current, reduces the effects of power surges and prevents burnout of heating elements in the absence of water in the tank. Comfort in use VELIS PLUS INOX provides intuitive control system. Digital display with programming allows you to set the desired water temperature and time that you want to prepare it. At the same electronic temperature sensors allow precise control of temperature of heating water. The model is optimized to work in the Russian climatic conditions and is resistant to freezing and overheating. One of the key features of the water heater is the auto-diagnostic system that captures all possible failures and yields the most rapid and effective maintenance. Reliability VELIS PLUS INOX backed by a 7-year warranty period set by the internal tanks.

Ariston Thermo Group - the world leader in the manufacturer of devices for heating and hot water with a full range of equipment, systems and services. In the Russian market, the company presented in 1995 and now occupies a leading position in the sector of water heating equipment. Ariston Thermo Group manufactures a full range of equipment for heating and hot water: water heaters, boilers, solar collectors and accessories. Since 2005, in Vsevolozhsk, Leningrad region, a plant Ariston Thermo Group for the production of storage water heaters - the most modern plant of the group.
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