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New generation of RIDGID benders

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15 March 2012
The company RIDGID, a leading global manufacturer of professional tools for installation and operation of pipelines, presented portable benders with a flip top plate for the Russian specialists. New items are suitable for bending metal water and gas pipes at the workplace.
Universal benders are designed for precision cold bending of standard water and gas pipes with diameter up to 3 inches. New items are suitable for flexible workplace, and are used for mechanized construction, manufacturing boilers and general industrial applications.

"The new generation of hydraulic benders RIDGID developed according to the wishes of our experts - continues to Anton Milyushkin. - For example, the design of the handle prevents the hand-held models of overload and prolong the life of the piston. And his long running and optimized the design effort on the handle make it easy to use tube benders. "
With built-in indicators, the bending angle is often eliminated the need to stop and measure the bend. Powerful piston delivers pressure of 450 bar. Reliable seals prevent leakage of hydraulics and lengthen the life of benders. The hydraulic system with spring return has improved control of stroke. A solid wheel, which can be mounted bender, facilitated the movement and flexibility of the product.
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