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New TechnoNIKOL products

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29 May 2012

Product range "Do it yourself" is now represented by four products - TEPLOROLL mats, TEHNOAKUSTIK, ROKLAYT, TEHNOBLOK plates. All materials used for repairs and private construction.

By the beginning of the construction season Corp. 'TechnoNIKOL " has developed three new material based on stone wool especially for the segment of private housing: TEPLOROLL roll mats, TEHNOAKUSTIK and TEHNOBLOK plates. All three materials meet the highest standards for energy conservation, safety, flammability, and ease of use and allow you to perform all necessary work on heat and sound insulation of buildings.

To carry out insulation work in the horizontal and inclined structures designed roll mat TEPLOROLL - new energoberegayuschy, nonflammable, inert and completely safe for human health material that meets all the requirements of residential construction. The chaotic arrangement of long fibers that are fastened binder makes TEPLOROLL strains resistant to the material stable in size, in contrast to the other roll of thermal insulating materials. This provides a tight seal insulation boards to frame uprights and to each other, thereby reducing the "cold bridges". The service life of the material is comparable with the lifetime of the building and its thermal conductivity is 15 times lower than brick and is three times lower than wood and is less than 0.040 W / (m * ° C).

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