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New Kentatsu products

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31 August 2011
In 2011 new Kentatsu split systems using ozone-friendly cooling agent R410A appeared on the Russian market.
They are channel air conditioners KSKT-HFA/KSUN-HFA with middle pressure drop and channel air conditioners KSTT-HFA/KSUN-HFA with high pressure drop. This equipment belongs to semiindustrial class and intended for maintenance of comfortable conditions in rooms with big heat demand: offices, supermarkets, restaurants. Refrigerating capacity of the devices covers ranges 5–17 kW (KSKT) and 7–17 kW (KSTT).
Indoor units could be installed in the under ceiling space either in the attended rooms or in other rooms. The units do not require much space: there are only air lattices inside the rooms which attract little attention.
Devices for high pressure drop (KSKT - up to 100 Pa, KSTT – up to 150 Pa) allow to design extended and branched air line networks which allow to move fresh air into several zones of a room or even into several rooms.
The indoor units are rather compact for such equipment class. KSKT series are 210 mm high, KSTT series - 400 mm. The maximum allowed lenth of air lines (up to 50 m) and level difference between units (up to 25 m) give a free hand din choice of the installation place..
The air conditioners have all necessary modes and functions for the effective microclimate creation and maintenance: cooling, heating, drying, fan, automatic mode, quick operational speed achievement, automatic restart, automatic user adjustments saving, timer for switching on and off.
Recirculation degree and noise level is controlled by the choice of one of three ventilator rotation speeds. Air flow rate could reach 3000 m3 per hour. Air conditioner is equipped with air filter with long-term service and wired control console KWC-21, you can also order optionally a wireless console.
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