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Soudal summer foam

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05 September 2011

Soudal specialists created a 'summer formula' of the Soudafoam Maxi polyurethane foam. The new product is called Maxi Sahara and is designed for the use in extreme high temperature conditions which are typical for the Russian summer.

In the summer the building intensity increases but the climatic conditions complicate the constructor work.  Soudafoam Maxi Sahara is designed to facilitate their work: it could be used up to 40°C.
Характеристики пены Soudafoam Maxi Sahara main characteristics:
- Absence of compression up to 40°C. When you use an ordinary foam you have to add another foam portion foar better insulation.
- Regularly dosing up to 40°C. Ordinary foams press out with difficulty and makes dirty everything around the installation place because of the abrupt foam going out of the spray gun
- Heightened steadiness to the incorrect keeping. Ordinary foams are usually very sensitive to overheat, by 25°C you can experience the dosing problems
Many ordinary foams lose adhesive power at high temperatures, Maxi Sahara foam does not have such a  shortcoming.
Soudafoam Maxi Sahara is put on sale in a 870 ml bottle.
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