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New REGIN E-tool version

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19 August 2011

Arctic Company announced the issue of an updated software E-Tool v. 3.0-1-07. It is meant for configuring and monitoring of controllers CORRIGO E ...-S by REGIN. The innovation expanded the controllers functionality.
New applications allow to build a more flexible management system on the controllers Corrigo E ...-S.
Update list:
• Only configured systems and functions are displayed in the menus now. Everything else is disabled in order to create a clearer and more user-friendly interface for the user.
• The minimum time of emergency activity variables is increased to 16 seconds. It is done to guarantee the security alarm transmission protocols LON and  Modbus.
• Module responsible for TCP / IP channel was improved, e-mail accident alerts, encryption option and update function were improved, guard timer was added.
• IP-address configuration for TCP / IP was changed to DHCP by default in order to facilitate access to the controller.
• It is now possible to display values from the connected meters using data from M-Bus if M-Bus is connected to the second port via converter X1176.
• Dew point regulation is added to avoid condensation in the cooling system.
• A new cooling circuit control was added. It can be used for any type of cooling circuit with an output for a drive and central cooling.
• The monitoring function of the return water temperature was added.
The new software coul be downloaded from the company’s website.

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