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Wilo in the library

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17 April 2012
On 16 June, 2006 the 72 meter high, 22-story building was ceremonially opened. The National Library of Belarus has the largest collection of printed material in Belarus and the third largest collection of works in Russian in the world. World Book Day will be celebrated in the building on 23 April, 2012.
The diamond-shaped building is a noble storage place for books and ― with its spectacular appearance ― it is also one of the city's main attractions.
Storage of the texts puts great demands on the indoor climate. High temperatures and high humidity accelerate the chemical decomposition of paper and other materials such as photos. A humidity of over 60 to 65% causes mold to grow and can lead to the books swelling and becoming deformed. If the humidity is too low, the material can become brittle and vulnerable to damage. In order to protect the media from damage, an optimal, constant indoor climate is absolutely necessary.
In order to ensure the indoor climate is stable, reliable products from the pump specialists WILO SE were included in the planning of the building. Altogether there are 30 different pumps from the pump manufacturer from Dortmund, Germany, in use in the National Library in Minsk.The pumps take care of cooling and ventilation within the building. They ensure that the temperature in the library is optimal and protect the valuable books in the archives from humidity with a controlled climate. In addition to cooling and ventilation of the rooms, Wilo pumps also take care of the heating and secondary hot water circulation in the National Library. Even fire protection is provided via a pressure boosting system.The products from WILO SE help to preserve the valuable collection.And not only on World Book Day.


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